We Did It! A Fair Deal For Licensees Given Royal Assent

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Yesterday the right for tied licensees to be given a fair deal by large pub owning companies (Pubcos) was given Royal Assent and now becomes law. Yesterday our wonderful pub industry was given a chance to thrive. Yesterday tied licensees were just given a chance.

The Market Rent Only option will now be given to tied licensees of Pubcos with more than 500 pubs – namely those of Enterprise, Punch and Marstons.

These tied licensees will now be able to make the choice of paying a fixed rent, based on an open market rental value, and then purchase beer from the wholesale market of the publican’s choice. Alternatively they can choose to stay tied to their Pubco if they feel that is the right business decision for them.

After years of misusing the tie it will now be allowed to stand alone and fail or succeed on its merits. The beer market can begin to operate openly allowing small and micro breweries into the market and bringing variety and life back to tied pubs which is so desperately wanted and needed.

An adjudicator will be appointed to look at any unfair practices or disputes that may arise. Publicans now have the tools needed to have a more clear, balanced and equal business relationship with their Pubco.

This has been a long battle, with many campaigners fighting against Pubco abuses for over a decade. Licensees Supporting Licensees (LSL) has a long list of people we would like to thank who have made this possible, from licensees who have sent email after email, tweeted and lobbied; the public who have made their voices heard by signing online petitions and joining the Fair Deal For Your Local Campaign; beer writers and bloggers who have dared to write about the realities of being tied; organisations such as the Federation For Small Business (FSB) who have offered unwavering support and help; dedicated and tenacious campaigners such as Fair Pint and Justice For Licensees; and MPs who listened and acted on what they heard ,especially Toby Perkins MP and of course Greg Mulholland MP, organiser and originator of the Fair Deal For Your Local Campaign, without whom we would still be fighting.

Pub heroes every single one.

Media contact: Gavin Spencer 07968 146622

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