Licensees’ Outrage at CAMRA Award

lsl logoPress Release by Licensees Supporting Licensees (LSL)

on behalf of LSL members, their customers, and everyone who cares for the future of Pubs in the UK.

Campaign for Real Ale CAMRA labels Andrew Griffiths MP ‘Pub Parliamentarian of the Year’

Licensees Supporting Licensees LSL objects in the strongest possible terms, even with disgust, to CAMRA awarding the man widely known in the pub sector as the MP for Punch and Marston’s for his consistent support of big business over the interests of the small independent businesses and the consumer.

That our partner in the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign could do this is beyond our comprehension and quite frankly an insult to many of our hard working members who include many CAMRA award winning Licensees.

Griffiths is the antithesis of a ‘Pub supporter’. He has consistently argued against the very urgent need for Pubco reform and changes to Permitted Development of Pubs in planning yet these are campaigns which CAMRA have energetically and actively supported at all levels.

His consistent track record of voting against the aims of CAMRA campaigns for the last four years make it impossible to understand his being even a remote contender for Pub Parliamentarian of the Year let alone Winner in what seems to have been a field of one.

Griffiths has proven a reliable defender and supporter of large debt laden corporations and developers responsible for the permanent closure and change of use to thousands of pubs up and down the country. His consistent support for big business and blatant disregard for small businesses is legendary in the publican community and nobody, but nobody who cares for the pub sector and knows anything of his track record could be anything other than dumbfounded and sickened by CAMRA awarding an award to this friend of Big Business.

It is astounding that CAMRA appears to have made the award without consultation with its grass roots. LSL, CAMRA members, local CAMRA branches, Licensees of CAMRA award winning pubs and Publicans everywhere are sickened and disgusted by CAMRA head office awarding Griffiths this honour which we believe illustrates graphically how out of touch CAMRA has become with its membership.

LSL calls on CAMRA to recall Griffiths’ award with immediate effect and urges grass roots CAMRA members to ask their local branches to support this.

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3 comments on “Licensees’ Outrage at CAMRA Award
  1. John Rackham. F.B.I.I. says:

    I have tried a number of times to make contact with you, to no avail. Please just listen and talk. I am a Marston’s long leaseholder currently in major dispute re; a number of issues.
    but mainly Refusing to sign a new 5yr Rent Review (Due 01/06/2015) until HMG’s new legislative regulation is in place. I was recently on Midlands Today News discussing this issue basically asking Marston’s for a guarantee to either give me a quick release from the review period or a rolling contract from it’s inception. They have so far declined both options. We will see.

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