VOTE FOR PUBS Template For MPs Supporting Fair Deal For Your Local

This template can be used to email your MP to ask them to VOTE FOR PUBS on November 18th.

To find out who your MP is and their contact details please use this link:  

You can check here to find out if your MP supports Fair Deal For Your Local

If your MP is NOT a supporter of FDFYL please use the template on the next post.

Dear [NAME OF MP],


Small Business Bill – Report Stage – Tuesday 18th November

Thank you very much for your support so far for the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign!

I am a supporter of the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign and very much appreciate the fact that you are one of the 212 MPs who have publicly declared your support for the Great British pub and hardworking publicans, including those in your constituency!

Now we have the chance to deliver the campaign’s aims and deliver a fair deal for local pubs and as a supporter of the campaign, we need you to now deliver your commitment and #voteforpubs on Tuesday 18th November!

In the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill the Government is introducing a statutory code of practice for the tenant of large pub owning companies. The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign welcomes the fact that the Government has recognised that there is a problem which needs to be dealt with through legislation – however, at the moment, there is no clear mechanism in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill that will deliver the Government’s own commitment to ensure that a tied licensee will not be worse of than a free of tie licensee.

 The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign and I are backing New Clause 2 at report stage, which will be debated and voted on next Tuesday, 18th November.

The new clause is a cross party amendment that introduces the much needed market rent only option for tenants (including leases and franchises) of the large pub companies. It has been tabled by Greg Mulholland, Chair of the Parliamentary Save the Pub Group, Adrian Bailey, Chair of the BIS Select Committee and Brian Binley, a member of the Select Committee and President of the Save the Pub Group with support from many pro-pub and pro small business MPs across the House.

 This vital new clause would finally deal with what CAMRA have called the ‘Pub Scandal’ stop the large pubcos charging unreasonably high rents and beer prices that has damaged and closed thousands of pubs up and down the country.

The market rent only option would come in gradually, at renewals, rent reviews, change of terms or change of ownership of the pub. This would enable sustainable pub owning companies to evolve their tied models and ensure they are fair and attractive and work for the small and large businesses alike.

All the small ‘family’ brewers would be excluded as the statutory code would only apply to companies who own more than 500 pubs.

The new clause also allows the large pub owning companies who brew beer to still insist on their brands being sold in their leased pubs, so even on a market rent only agreement, that brewer’s beer would still be on sale in their leased pubs. It would simply stamp out the kind of exploitation that has done so much damage in the sector, without affecting brewers’ route to market – indeed overall it would hugely increase access to market for microbrewers.

A total of 212 MPs have signed up to support the market rent only option and the Fair Deal for Your Local campaign and as one of them, we are asking to you to:

 1, Add your name to New Clause 2 at the table office or by emailing Mo Saqib on (by Monday 17th November).

2. Tell us that you will be voting for New Clause 2 on 18th

So we hope that you will continue to show your support for pubs and #voteforpubs on 18 November.  This is of vital importance to securing the health of the pub sector and to curbing abusive business practices designed to take advantage of individual pub licensees.

Thank you very much in advance, I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Best wishes,



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