Publicans Show Their Support For Pubco Consultation

22nd April 2013

Licensees Supporting Licensees are delighted that consultation has begun into The Statutory Code for Pub Companies and Tenants.

LSL is especially pleased that the Government has committed to enshriningThe Prime Principle’; that of a Tied licensee being no worse off than the Free of Tie licensee,something of paramount importance to Publicans.
LSL are commited to encouraging everyoneto take full & active part in the consultation but above all,Tied Licensees, Pub Customers, Micro & Small Brewers& the many who know that the current model has & is closing pubs across the country. The Market Rent Only Option is a golden opportunity to give balance & fairness to the Pubco tenant relationship that has been lacking until now. We will be working closely with other groups to ensure this consultation is participated in widely.

To quote Vince Cable, to whom LSL are very grateful;

Business Secretary Vince Cable said:

“We gave pub companies every chance to get their house in order.

“But despite four select committee reports over almost a decade highlighting the problems faced by publicans, it is clear the voluntary approach isn’t working.

“Pubs are small businesses under a great deal of pressure, many of which have had to close.

“Much of that pressure has come from the powerful pub companies and our plans are designed to rebalance this relationship.”

LSL are a group of both Tied and Non Tied Licensees who work together with the prime objective of supporting each other with advice and help through what are very difficult times to what will now be a brighter future for our Profession.

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